Are you looking for a way to re-vamp your space with a personalized touch? Why not tackle this rockin’ Song Lyric Wall Art DIY project!

This DIY project comes straight from A Beautiful Mess blog, thus I hereby take no credit for the development or design of this project. However, I did take a few different approaches from the above linked blog post. So I have written a step-by-step guide to make this fun and easily customizable art piece.

The blog linked above uses an awesome Paint-By-Numbers to create this Song Lyric Wall Art, but I decided to thrift an old painting from my local thrift shop to re-vamp it and give it a new flair! I found the painting in the frame for a couple of dollars and liked the bright colours. Then, I simply chose some awesome song lyrics (yes, you guessed correctly…they are Coldplay lyrics!) and had an awesome new work of art in no time!

Materials Needed:

  • A piece of thrift art
  • Painters tape
  • CThru stick on letters in a Helvetica font
  • Spray paint or craft paint
  • An exacto-knife
  • Pencil

Here are the steps:

ONE: Dust off the old painting. For mine, I had no way of getting the image out of the frame, so I painted right on the glass of the frame. It gives it a kind of shadowbox effect that I like, but if you can get the image out of the frame, paint directly on the image—it is less likely to suffer damage. Using CThru stick on letters in a Helvetica font (found at any Michaels store, most likely in the Art Supply section with other stencils), I arranged the lyrics on the glass by roughly cutting them out. This ensures accurate spacing. To see an image of the packaging of these letters check out this link from A Beautiful Mess.

TIP: Put a piece of painters tape along the edge of the frame to use as a guide to ensure the letters are all lined up correctly.

TWO: Peel and stick your letters on the image or the glass (depending on the method you are using) and make sure they are lined up correctly. Press down all of the edges so paint cannot leak underneath. If you are painting right on the glass, line the frame with painters tape or masking tape to prevent any paint from getting on the frame. PAINT! I used black spray paint for my piece but any paint will work well. Ensure you give it enough drying time and as many coats as needed before peeling off the letters.

THREE: Peel off the letters and the painters tape very carefully. You may need to do touch-ups if you are painting on the glass (as it peels off very easily). I went around the edge of all the letters before peeling them off with an exacto-knife just in case. Display and enjoy your new wall art!

For a more detailed step-by-step guide, check out the original post linked above.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again–Happy Crafting!

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