KNITTING 101: Knit Pencil Case

That didn’t take long…procrastination did get the best of me and I decided to create my very first KNITTING 101 blog post instead of continuing my strenuous research on Thomas Cole’s The Course of Empire series. So here it is…

This photo and this project dates back to my past Christmas break. Over the break, I learned how to knit for the very first time. I instantly fell in love with the craft, resulting in numerous knitted experiments–one of which being this one! I spent nearly every night knitting these little pencil cases (with variations on colours, patterns, and styles of course!) while re-watching the first two seasons of the O.C (classic show). So, since I haven’t found much time for creating new crafting projects as of late, I decided I would post about this guy.

The pattern is easy and basic as long as you know a knit and a pearl. It can be customized in a variety of ways.


Using 5mm straight needles, cast on 40 or so stitches (depending on your desired length) from any brand of wool. Ensure that the wool is not too thick, but also ensure that it is not too thin either. Beginning with the first row:

Knit 1 (K1), Pearl 1 (P1) and repeat until all of the stitches are completed. You should end on a P1. Repeat this pattern over and over until you have reached double of your desired depth for your pencil case. This means that when it is long enough, it should be a square. If the square is folded in the middle and one of the sections is the appropriate size for a pencil case, then you have done enough rows. Finish off the knit.

Fold your new knitted square in half and sew up both of the shorter sides. Leave the long side open because this will be the top (and opening) of your pencil case.

Sew a bead on the front of the pencil case and loop a string from the back that can come to the front and fasten the pencil case closed by looping over the bead.

There you have it–an easy pencil case! It can be customized in any way you desire (such as by knitting different coloured panels to add on such as the picture above) or by alternating colours of wool to create stripes. The opportunities are endless.

Try experimenting with different numbers of stitches, different wools, different need sizes, different stitch types and patterns, different add-ons, different ways to fastening the pencil case shut, and different colours for a whole array of opportunities. As long as you keep trying new things, all of your friends will have adorable little hand-knit pencil cases that are completely authentic and customized to them! Also, try experimenting with sizes to create other little cases…not just for your pencils (we all know that us ladies love to have little pouches in our purses full of makeup, q-tips, etc.). So have fun and experiment!

I would love to hear from you and see some of the things you create!

Thanks for stopping by and HAPPY KNITTING!

On one last, but special note, THE KNITTING PAGE IS UP AND RUNNING! This is an archive of all of my knitting projects and DIY’s for you to easily access. Horray!

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2 thoughts on “KNITTING 101: Knit Pencil Case

  1. Really like the way you put these posts together! Excellent work you have here, look forward to new posts. Keep it up Sis!

  2. This is so simple and beautiful!

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