KONY 2012

If you’re on facebook, chances are that you have seen this pop up at least once or twice in your newsfeed. It’s easy to get frustrated by those videos that so many people are posting and choose to ignore them. But I strongly suggest that you take the time to watch this one…

This video was made by the INVISIBLE CHILDREN organization to bring awareness about child soldiers in Uganda. But this isn’t just any “awareness video”. It’s not only a plea to bring justice to this issue but also a challenge for us as the people to force our political leaders and culture-makers to recognize this issue and advocate change as well.

If we expect change in our world, we need to be the change.

Watch the video, share the video, check out the site, share the site.

To learn more, visit the website by CLICKING HERE. I hope you pass this along. The most simple thing we can do is be aware. Here’s to safety for the children of Uganda!

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