Bake Night Bliss: holy baby cakes!

Tonight, my sister and I embarked on a slightly unexpected adventure. Tomorrow we are hosting a get-together at our house so we decided that we were going to bake a few treats. Our parents went out for the night, so it was just the two of us. What began as a couple treats turned into a huge explosion of baked goods and chocolate all over the kitchen! I’m pretty sure that every single thing we made either contained chocolate, got dipped in chocolate, or was drizzled with chocolate. Not complaining.

At first, I intended on making Raspberry Macaroons (which are absolutely deliciously-to-die-for, by the way) and my sister intended on making some Butterscotch Squares (a family classic). Those two recipes didn’t take long and we had them whipped up in no time. Then, for some reason, I suggested that we should take on some cake balls. My sister has an awesome little machine called a Baby Cake that makes adorable little balls of cake in a breeze. So we decided to pull it out!

But then we realized that we needed to decorate the balls. I began to melt some chocolate but much to my dismay, it got way too thick and was useless. My quick problem solving skills suggested adding a can of sweetened condensed milk to turn the (what would have been) wasted chocolate into fudge. Note that we now have four desserts instead of the initial two.

My sister found a few lolly sticks so we decided to make a dozen cake pops instead of just plain cake balls. These made me pretty angry but we’re hoping they taste great. They got a bit messy (as I’m sure you can tell), beginning the crazy mess that became our kitchen. With the cake pops, we now had five different desserts instead of the intended two.

After all the cake balls and pops were covered in their chocolate coating, we had quite a bit melted chocolate left over. I suggested that we dip some of the fresh blackberries we just got at the store in it. But we found something better in the fridge–strawberries! So of course we had to dip them as well. Now we had Butterscotch Squares, Raspberry Macaroons, Chocolate Fudge, Cake Balls, Cake Pops, Chocolate-Covered Blackberries, and Chocolate-Covered Strawberries. You heard it right…seven desserts instead of the initial two!

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I’m complaining. I just think it is a wonderful example of what results when my sister and I get together with some delicious treats in mind and some Jukebox Oldies playing in the background. We had such a blast preparing the treats for tomorrow’s party and can’t wait to serve them up to our friends and family. We hope they enjoy them as much as we enjoyed creating them!

Our parents haven’t made it home yet. My mom is probably going to be pretty shocked and will most likely say “What are we going to do with all these treats!?”. As for my dad, well, he’s the answer to my mom’s question. He will be in treat heaven (and will surely “taste-test” for us). Thanks for stopping by and reading!

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4 thoughts on “Bake Night Bliss: holy baby cakes!

  1. mydearbakes says:

    Lovely post and I really like the cake pops and balls. They looked real delicious! =)

  2. I havent attempted cake pops yet. Maybe for a birthday party. I do love cake!

  3. steve authier says:

    WOW they were all delicous. Thanks for all you trouble Steve really enjoyed the take home. God Bless, Judi

  4. […] treats that my sister and I made last weekend for our party (to read more about it, check out this post). THREE: God told me something that I really needed to hear. I was so encouraged and uplifted! […]

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