And the Award for the “Best Mom in the World” Goes to…

May is a great month. The sunshine shines a little brighter, the flowers begin to bloom, and the birds sing a cheerful song. I love all of these things, but what I truly cherish about May is the special moments that it brings. One of those special moments is Mother’s Day. So, on behalf of myself and my genuine appreciation for my mother, I just want to wish a

to all of you beautiful and caring mothers out there.

This weekend, I had four different cookie orders to complete. Some of them were in celebration of Mother’s Day (and some weren’t) so they got me thinking about this special occassion and how it truly is a day to celebrate. I am so incredibly thankful for my mom and all that she has taught me in my 19 years and 11 months of existence. She offers a true example of how to love unconditionally. Although I am writing this post to wish all of you mothers out there a very blessed and enjoyable Mother’s Day, I am dedicating it to the best mother in the world–mine!

Let me (try to) encapsulate what makes my mama so very special…

  1. She is incredibly creative. Whatever the problem, she knows how to craft up a solution. All of those tears and screams of frustration throughout school were quickly calmed by her ability to magically fix a broken diorama or remove paw-prints from a slaved-over art project. 
  2. Not only is she willing to edit any paper or essay that one of my siblings or myself write, but she actually enjoys it. She has pulled many late-nighters with me as I’ve scrambled to pull together a paper. She also somehow makes it sound good with her broad vocabulary and internal thesaurus. I can attribute a lot of my successful essays and papers to her!
  3. She is both gifted and passionate about music. She sings like an angel and can pull a harmony out of nowhere. She is an enthusiastic contributor during our family sing-a-longs (and yes, we do have family sing-a-longs…in the car…with harmonies…).
  4. She has an iPod and she’s not afraid to use it (and yes, that is her “escape” from the rest of us koo-koos).
  5. No matter the day, no matter the hour, she is ALWAYS willing to save me from a ladybug. She has calmed my hyperventilating tears when one flew into my mouth, she has stripped my entire bed to find and kill the one that “I swear flew into my bed and landed on my blankets”, she has pulled herself out of bed late at night and groggily searched for two after I discovered that it was very likely that they were in my room, and she has simply just “taken care of” any single ladybug that I happened to scout out.
  6. She knows how to defend herself when we gang up on her during “Family Road Trips”. Although she does a fantastic job of pre-planning the route, we somehow always get lost at least once and this usually gets blamed on her. However, she always manages to make some ridiculous comment that makes everyone laugh, breaking the tension.
  7. She has always encouraged me to love who I am (crazy cat lady and all). 
  8. She knows how to handle all of my dad’s bizarre jokes and strange antics. 
  9. She is the number one supporter of my dream to open a bake shop. She is extremely encouraging and is always willing to lend a hand when I need it. She is usually the one who bakes the extra batch of cookies when I am four cookies short, fixes the damage caused to the baked goods when I get so frustrated that I spastically throw the spreading knife, and somehow finds a way to bring light to the situation when the cat happens to get one of the cookies. 
  10. And finally, she loves Jesus and is the most amazing example of his love!
Like someone wise once said, “Families are like fudge–mostly sweet with a few nuts!
I can guarentee that my mom’s the sweet–we’re the nuts!
Thanks, Mom, for your continuous support and love. You truly are the best mom out there.
With love,
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3 thoughts on “And the Award for the “Best Mom in the World” Goes to…

  1. la says:

    I love it Amber. I think your mom is awesome too!!

  2. Steve Authier says:

    Great to see your appreciation of
    mothers and your mom in particular. Those with your kind of appreciation for their mothers are those who will make great parents. The future looks good with young people like you around.
    Steve A

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