Weekend Round-Up: The Sure Signs of Summer

This past Thursday, we all celebrated the summer solstice. Not only does June 21st mark the first official day of summer, but it is also the day that us north of the equator will see the most amount of sunlight. I didn’t need to wait for the officialness that June 21st brought though. I’ve been celebrating the beautiful signs of summer for the past few weeks, soaking up all the sunshine and summer that I can get. In honour of the new season, I have decided to share some summer-themed photos from my past few weeks for this week’s Weekend Round-Up!

Later this week, I will be heading up north to work at a summer camp for three weeks. Due to my duties there (as well as the terrible internet connection), I will most likely be absent from blogging for that time. I’m thinking of it as more of a sabbatical though. I have a few projects lined up and look forward to the projects that the temporary break inspires in me. Until I return, I hope you all have a wonderful July full of lots of summery activities. Stay safe and soak in the rays. I know there will be lots of photos to share when I return!

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One thought on “Weekend Round-Up: The Sure Signs of Summer

  1. Love this little peek into your summer. I hope you have a wonderful time at summer camp, enjoy your break and see you when you return!

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