Summer, Sweet Summertime!

Hey guys! I just wanted to write a quick post before I head up North for a few weeks. This will be my sixth summer on staff at the best camp in the entire world! I’ve decided to share a few photos so you can understand why I keep going back…

Ironically, my new sewing machine just arrived in the mail yesterday (it would arrive the day before I leave!). Although I’m sad that I won’t get to break it in right away, I have the manual packed in my bag so I can read up on it while I’m away. You can expect lots of projects when I return!

I want to wish you all a very safe and enjoyable July! I hope you can find the small but special moments to appreciate every single day. I hope you are blessed in numerous ways! Feel free to follow me on Instagram or Twitter (@amberwide) to keep up with my adventures.

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2 thoughts on “Summer, Sweet Summertime!

  1. I remember summers at camp. Enjoy!

  2. […] back! I can honestly say that I was happy to be able to share a few photos here and there while I was at camp. I was looking forward to my short break from blogging (all that […]

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