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One Lovely Honour

Today is a special day. Not because it actually rained for the first time all summer. Not because I spent an hour dodging carts in a chaotic Costco. And not because I slaved over a couple dozen teapot-shaped sugar cookies. Today is special because I have the honour of accepting the One Lovely Blog Award.

A couple of months ago, Jessica from Defining Wonderland was kind enough to nominate my blog for this honour. Jessica is a writer who shares her very insightful thoughts on friendship, family, romance, and life. Her blog is rocking some awesome content and I strongly suggest you head over her way to check it out for yourself. Thank you, Jessica, for considering my blog for this award!

So what exactly does this all mean? That’s a good question. First of all, I’ve been told that I must share seven random facts about myself. I’ve done this once before (with a different award) so I suppose I should share seven different secrets. Here goes…

ONE: I am a journal-a-holic. I have a spiritual journal, a visual journal, a random thoughts journal, a future journal, an inspiration journal, and a questions journal. You may think that’s excessive but I can honestly say that I utilize every single one, each for its intended purpose.

TWO: I used to hate Twitter. I thought it was so stupid. However, I signed up for an account in March and have been addicted ever since. I’ve nearly reached 600 tweets already…(by the way, feel free to follow me at @amberwide)

THREE: I have a feather extension in my hair and have had it since January.

FOUR: If I could go anywhere in the world, I would go to Iceland. It is such an underestimated destination but has such natural beauty and a rich history. I also wouldn’t mind touring the countryside of England and Ireland. One day…one day.

FIVE: I hardly ever draw in my sketchbook. You could pretty much consider me the worst art student ever. Let’s just say my creative energy extends into my baking, sewing, knitting, and photographing instead. If I do add something to my sketchbook, it’s usually some type of flower drawing or doodle that was done on a scrap piece of paper and glued in after the fact.

SIX: I carry oodles of snacks in my purse. From rice cakes to soda crackers, bananas to granola bars–I’ve always got the grumblies covered!

SEVEN: My summer reading list includes Emma by Jane Austen, A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini, and The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde.

So now what? I get the honour of nominating my very own picks for the One Lovely Blog Award! I’ve been lucky to find some very awesome blogs out there in the big-bad-blogosphere so I feel honoured to be able to pass this on.

Abbie chronicles all of the hilarious adventures (or misadventures) of her three boys on her blog All That Makes You…. I have had some major laughs while reading her posts!

Lightly Crunchy is chalk full of recipes and small stories that prove that the small things in life are truly the most precious. Heidi shares lots of pictures and has inspired me time and time again.

I can honestly say that Truth and Cake is one of my favourite blogs. Rian writes insightful pieces with such eloquence and wit. I look forward to her posts more than I look forward to dessert after dinner (and that’s a lot!).

Perhaps these ladies have already won this award (which would not surprise me at all), but I thought I would pass it on to them anyways. They have some pretty rockin’ blogs that are more than deserving of both the honour and your time. You ladies are awesome so keep producing your fabulous posts!

To read more about the guidelines of this award, check out Jessica’s post. Thanks again for the nomination, Jessica!

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Top Five Friday: “My Week in Photos” Edition

I can’t believe another week has come and gone already. My oh my, how time flies. As I pondered what I wanted to post about in this week’s TOP FIVE FRIDAY post, I realized how enjoyable and special my week really has been. Since I finished school for the summer, I have had oodles of free time. I have been maxin’ and relaxin’, knitting, crafting, and enjoying the sunshine. Oh yeah, and in case you haven’t realized, I have also been updating more regularly (which I am so happy to be able to do!).

This week has provided me with many opportunities to do some of the things that bring me joy. I am going to share with you some of the special moments from the past week in the form of photographs. Ready for a countdown?


Earlier this week, I had the opportunity to go to one of the cutest little towns in my area. This picture shows a small section of Main Street Unionville. It is one of the cutest little historic main streets, making it a tourist hot spot. It is full of little specialty shops and cafes in historical homes and buildings. On the day that I went, the sun was shining and there was a beautiful breeze, making it that much more enjoyable. This is where I dream of opening up my bake shop. One day…


One of my favourite foods is potato leek soup. I love tackling anything “home-made” (I think it is just so much better than packaged food) and potato leek soup has been on my radar for the longest time. I finally got around to asking my grandparents for their delicious recipe and so yesterday I decided to take it on. To be honest, I had no idea what leeks even were. But I am happy to announce that the soup turned out delicious and it is almost completely gone. I was so happy to be able to get that off my “to try” list.


Earlier this week, I had the opportunity to take a nice little stroll through the park. I love going for leisurely walks (especially with great people!) so this was a nice highlight. I came across this beautiful tree along the path. Although you can’t really tell in this photograph, it was a massive tree. It was so thick around and so tall–I could tell that it has been around for a long time. There’s something encouraging about that. Our earth is constantly changing and that’s not always for the better. Massive amounts of deforestation are occurring and ecosystems are being destroyed. Although this tree was not really in a forest, it was encouraging to see that it was still standing strong. It made me wonder how many little critters and organisms call this beautiful tree “home”.


My sister and I went to our Grandma and Grampa’s house for lunch on Wednesday. I love hanging out with my grandparents. They always share so many wonderful stories of their past. One of my favourite things to do is look through my Grandma’s old photo albums. She can always tell me a story with every photo. I’m a lot like her in that I appreciate our family history. I ask her so many questions and she is always so happy to answer them. I cherish these memories because unless they’re passed on, they don’t last forever. I can’t wait to share them with my grandkids (when that time comes around). The photograph on the left is from my grandparent’s honeymoon. I believe it was taken in Chicago, but I just thought the composition was so interesting. The photograph on the right is of my Grandma’s sister with her kittens. In our time and culture, photographs are so meaningless sometimes. There are so many that they lose their uniqueness and story. I love that these photographs are one-of-a-kind and hold a special value. Even though they’re so simple and black and white, they are also so special.


My sister and I have always been really close (one room + two sisters = about as close as you can get). We are called sisters, but I’d say we are more like best friends! As we’ve gotten older, our lives have gotten busier and busier. She works really hard at school and work and juggles lots of extra things that take up her time. But this week, we had the chance to hang out for an afternoon and just appreciate each other. We did a little photo shoot (as you may have seen with the DIY: Elbow Patch Cardigan post) and then enjoyed the rest of the day in Unionville. She is a beautiful person (as I’m sure you can tell from the photo above) both inside and out! We always laugh because people never know that we are sisters because we look so completely different. But we are close in spirit and in love. She is seriously the best!

Well that’s it. I hope you all have a fantastic weekend and enjoy all of the small (but special) moments that it brings. Many blessings!

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Top Five Friday: Photo Adventure Edition

I’m just going to put it out there…I am a blogging jerk. I have been neglecting my blog for the past two weeks. Trust me when I say that my neglect has not been by choice. As a full time student, I have spent the past month in crazy panic busy mode, finishing up all of those end-of-the-term papers and cramming in some late night (and quite frankly, every other spare moment) study sessions. But I am happy to announce that I just wrote my second exam this morning and I don’t have to write another one for over a week. So I have decided to give my poor little brain a much needed re-couporation break over the weekend (let’s just say that memorizing the exact artist, title, date of creation, historical context, and formal qualities of fifty-two different American art pieces has fried the intellectual membranes within my brain) by sleeping, relaxing, and doing some of those things that I love best–crafting!

To kick off my weekend, I am going to share a TOP FIVE FRIDAY post featuring five of my favourite photos that have been taken to date. Before I begin, I must put a little disclaimer out there that I am by no means a professional photographer. I’m a little more keen on creating my own images by drawing or printing instead of photographing what is already there. But, I have dabbled in the field (just for funzies) and so I am going to share some photos from some of my favourite photo adventures!

Let’s count down, shall we?


I snapped this photo one warm evening while on a vacation on Paradise Island in the Bahamas. My sister, friend, cousin, and I cleaned ourselves up after a long day on the beach and headed down to snap some photos on the beach at sunset. I just love how vibrant my beautiful sister looks in front of the calming and peaceful blues of the vast ocean. She makes a pretty darn great model, doesn’t she?


Every summer I venture up into the beautiful cottage country of Northern Ontario to work at an awesome summer camp for 8 weeks. This time away always creates many special memories, especially since the natural surroundings are so beautiful. This is a photo I took last summer of one of my best friends. We ventured onto the “Hiawatha Trail” (fun fact: did you know “Hiawatha” is an aboriginal word that represents peace?) and got a little creative. I love the light in this photo. From the bright, blown-out upper left corner to the unique light reflections splotting the image–I love it all! Turns out this really is a peace trail.


You may be looking at this image and saying to yourself “What on earth is so special about that?”. The truth is that I probably can’t really answer that question for you. It was taken in complete darkness with a 5 second long exposure time and nothing but a flashlight. I completed it for a photography assignment for one of my classes. It’s a massive stack of all the letters I have kept and collected over the years. Basically, it represents a lifetime of memories collected but stored away in the darkness of my mind, only to be exposed every now and then. Without getting too technical on you, I love the simple composition and asymmetrical sense of balance. Too “artsy”?


I have two words for you–New York. Our family goes on an “Annual Wideman Family Road Trip” every Spring and last year we finally braved the Big Apple. For the three days that we were actually in the city, it rained cats and dogs (to say the least). But we still had so many adventures, including a double-decker bus tour that resulted in a ridiculous number of photos of random (but cool) buildings that I will never remember the name of. This photo was taken from out of our hotel window. My mom freaked out when she saw me hanging out to get this shot, but I couldn’t resist! The window had no screen, easy access, and was nine floors up. I loved the result–the hustle bustle of the city street mixed with the rustic old sign of the rustic, old (and somewhat creepy) hotel that we stayed in. Oh, the memories.

And to finish ‘er off…


This was a completely random and flooky shot that I captured while just playing around with my camera and my dad’s string-instrument collection. I love how simplified and almost minimalist this image is. The string and shadow combo just gets me every time. Once again, you may be wondering what is so great about this image. And once again, I can’t explain it. I just like it. Period.

So thanks again for checking in and reading. I promise that this blog will be more active and will be taking no more two-week sabbaticals. Here’s to a little inspiration and here’s to a happy weekend!

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