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Weekday Round-Up: Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?

Have you missed me? I’ve missed you. I’ve missed this. I’ve missed crafting, photographing, blogging, and posting. But as I mentioned earlier, my time has been invested in settling into my new virtual kitchen. And boy oh boy, is she ever cookin’! I have been baking up a storm these past few weeks. I don’t know if it is because I know that school is starting again soon so I want to get all of my “bucketlist” baking items checked off, or if it is simply because I am feeling flavourfully inspired. Regardless, my Kitchen Aid has been mixing, my oven has been baking, and I have certainly been eating!

I usually do Weekend Round-Ups, but this is a special occasion. I wanted to share a few (okay, so there are a lot of them) photos that give you a better idea of where the heck I’ve been these past few weeks.

From custom sugar cookies to experimental cupcake flavours, peanut butter brownie cups and classic chocolate chip cookies, the baking has failed to cease. I have two words for you: sugar coma. And that, my friends, is where Carmen Sandiego (or in this case, Amber Wideman) has been.

Today, I have aspirations to finally get my sewing machine set up! When that happens, the sewing will resume along with the crafting, knitting, card-making, and re-fashioning. I hope you are all appreciating these last few bursts of summer. Many blessings!

Looking to make some of these treats? You can access the recipes for White-Chocolate Raspberry Cupcakes, Chocolate Chai Cupcakes, Chocolate Chip CookiesChunky Monkey Cupcakes, and sugar cookies.

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Weekend Round-Up: First Week of Camp is Done!

The sun is shining, the kids are smiling, and the birds are singing up north because the first week of camp was a huge success! The week was absolutely beautiful. I was lucky enough to snap a few photos here and there and am extremely excited to share them with you. I’ve had some incredible moments this past week and experienced joy in many ways. These are just a fraction of the photos that represent the past week…

It has been a wonderful week. I’m still feeling eager to test out some new recipes and try out my new “brother” (horray for sewing machines!) but I have to wait until I get home. Until then, I’ll keep myself busy with frequent instagram posts. Here’s to two more wonderful weeks at camp before I head back home. I hope you are enjoying your summer!

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Weekend Round Up: The Week of Pink

Hello everybody! I have been a busy bee all weekend and haven’t had much down time. I’m running on only a few hours of sleep. But that being said, I really felt that it was necessary to post a Weekend Round Up post to recap where some of my time has been spent this past week. I have felt really blessed so I wanted to share some of the reasons why…

ONE: I eat lots of peanut-butter and banana sandwiches so I thought this “hotdog” version was pretty clever. TWO: I snapped this photo of a page from the book Steal Like An Artist by Austen Kleon. I received this book through an awesome giveaway from Truth and Cake. I read the book so fast and was so encouraged by it. I loved this page because it describes my creative process perfectly. THREE: During the winter months, I started developing a pattern for a knitted blanket. I ignored it for a while but I decided that it was time to finish it up. I am so happy to be back at it and am so excited to get it done (you can bet that the pattern will be posted on here when I finish)! FOUR: Planting is one of the things that I look forward to the most in the Spring. Not only do I get to beautify our gardens, but I get to beautify our gardens with my dad! He truly loves being outside and working on the yard and the gardens and I love spending that time with him. This is our cart…you can obviously see that pink is our colour. FIVE: I finally got around to baking up a batch of Pink Lemonade Cupcakes. I wasn’t completely satisfied with the flavour but I have a plan to “tweak” the recipe in the future. They were still pretty tasty though. SIX: Who needs a dog when you have a cat to walk? Seriously though…she actually goes for walks with us. SEVEN: After we got the hanging baskets up and the planter boxes fastened, I sat back, relaxed, and enjoyed the peacefulness of the front porch. EIGHT: Sure, he loves being outdoors,but once he comes in he literally hits the sack. This is how real men take naps. NINE: I attempted to make a little apron but ran into a few troubles. First of all, I couldn’t decide what fabric to use. Then, once I got started the sewing machine broke. Let’s just say that project is on hold for a little while… TEN: I scream, you scream, we all scream for icecream…cookies? ELEVEN: This is my thrilled face on my way to deliver my big baking order. I couldn’t wait to finally sit back and relax. TWELVE: These are some of the beautiful flowers that just naturally came up again this year. Isn’t it amazing that some flowers can survive all winter and then re-bloom the following Spring?

Well, that’s all I have for you this week. If you are an instagram user, feel free to follow me at @amberwideman. I hope you all had a great weekend, regardless of how busy, hectic, out-of-control, or chaotic it may have been. I hope that you were able to recognize some of the small blessings in your every day. Thanks for reading!

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A Couple Weeks Worth of Round-Ups: Spring Has Sprung!

Can you believe that the May long weekend has already arrived? I’m off to do a little bit of camping (with some great people!) so I wanted to give a quick update on some of the happenings of my past few weeks before I go. I hope to be full force ahead with my posts when I return (I have a sewing project to show you, a few DIY’s and recipes up my sleeve, and the second part of the Sustainable Living series to post) but until then, I will leave you with some instagram photos.

ONE: I was so thankful to finally have a need to wear my sunnies! The weather has been beautiful around here and I’ve been soaking in every minute. TWO: A couple years ago, my cousin gave me these Pocahontas inspired sandals for my birthday and I just recently found them again. I’ve been loving wearing them every chance I get. THREE: The town restored my dad’s childhood farm house and turned it into a youth center. We had the opportunity to go to an open house and explore. This was such a highlight for me because I got to hear all of my dad’s childhood stories. This is the big staircase in the house. FOUR: I finally discovered that I can sew–my problems were just with my mom’s sewing machine! My grandma lent me hers so I refashioned this white t-shirt. There will be a DIY post coming as soon as possible. FIVE: The urge hit and I just had to pull out my markers and doodle. SIX: I had lots of cookie orders to do. These are the first order of four within three days. They were for a ladies tea social (hence the teapots). SEVEN: My kitty found a tower of boxes so she didn’t hesitate to claim her kingdom. EIGHT: I finally have time to do some reading for sheer enjoyment. It’s been a while–I appreciate school but it really does take the enjoyment out of reading for you. NINE: For my sister’s 23rd birthday, we hit up a local Mexican restaurant for dinner (her choice). All of a sudden the music cranked up really loud, we were all donned with sombreros, and all the employees surrounded us with their loud singing. This photo is my mom and dad enjoying the moment. It is definitely my favourite photo out of all of these! TEN: My mom and I went to an independently owned fabric and wool store. I was in heaven! They had so many incredible fabrics that I am absolutely in love with. ELEVEN: This little sign greets you when you walk onto our front porch. It’s such a simple but great reminder. TWELVE: I had to pre-pump my air mattress for this weekend to make sure it had no holes in it. It took a long time with the hand pump but I don’t care. I’m willing to pump all night…an air mattress is a must for camping!

I hope that you all have an incredible long weekend. Take the time to enjoy the sunshine (it’s supposed to be ridiculously beautiful!), enjoy your company, and enjoy the little moments. Many blessings!

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